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Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions from Our Coachella Valley Customers

Since 1953, Valley Plumbing has been run by the same family providing exceptional quality plumbing services from skilled technicians. We aren’t going anywhere, so you can count on us for all your current and future plumbing needs. On this page, you will find answers to plumbing FAQs in Southern California and throughout the Coachella Valley.

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Common Plumbing Questions

What Causes Leaky Faucets?

As kitchen and bathroom faucets age, it is common for the seals to become worn, which can lead to leaks. Our technicians are often able to replace the parts that are worn out to stop the leaks. However, people can choose to replace their faucets for several reasons.

Reasons to replace your old faucets include:

  • Upgrading the look of the kitchen
  • Changing the finish of the faucets in the shower, tub, and sink
  • Avoiding future repair problems
  • A faucet that has been repaired and continues to leak

Whether you want to upgrade your faucets to enhance the décor of the kitchen or bathroom or want to prevent future leaks, we can provide installation or repair service to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Why is there a Big Difference in the Costs of Faucets?

There are multiple reasons for the range of prices for faucets. Some brands are made with higher quality materials or more expensive materials, such as solid brass or chrome-plated solid brass. Fixtures that are made with quality materials offer a more elegant appearance and improved durability, compared to cheaper models.

Is it Possible to Replace a Faucet with Two Handles with a Single-Handle Faucet?

In most cases, this is possible. Sink openings tend to be standard, but there are exceptions. It is important to check the sizes to ensure that the new faucet will fit the sink. We can help you determine the right new faucet to work with your sink.

What is the Correct Way to Clean Polished Brass Faucets?

Dry water spots can be removed using a soft, damp cloth and warm water. Avoid abrasive cleaners, alcohol, and other harsh solvents and chemicals, as they can damage the faucet. A high-quality automotive wax can be used to maintain the shine. Just be sure the wax you are using does not contain abrasive ingredients.

Why Is My Water Heater Not Working Like it Used To?

A common reason for reduced performance is sediment building up in the storage tank. Sediment and lime deposits build up inside the water heater tank. If not removed, this creates a barrier between the water and the burner. The result is a decrease in performance.

What is a Pressure Balancing Shower Faucet?

This type of shower faucet is designed to sense the fluctuations in the hot and cold water pressure, which are caused by running a dishwasher or flushing a toilet when someone else is in the shower. The pressure balancing valve inside the shower faucet helps to compensate for the fluctuations in the water pressure, which keeps your water temperature constant during your shower.

What Water and Gas Line Services Do You Provide?

Our experienced technicians have the training needed to provide services that include leak location and repair, installation of new lines, water or gas line replacement, and rerouting water and gas lines.

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