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Do you suspect that you have a clog in the main sewer line? Are you looking for an experienced company for sewer cleaning? At Valley Plumbing, our family-owned company has provided reliable services for sewers in Southern California and the Coachella Valley for more than 65 years. We can locate any clog in your sewer line and effectively clear it.

Give us a call at (760) 493-6727 or reach out to us online to schedule sewer cleaning from experienced Southern California plumbing technicians. 

Causes of Sewer Line Clogs

If you have problems with drains throughout your home, the clog may be in the main sewer line, which runs from your home to the municipal sewer system. There are several possible causes of clogs in your sewer line. Some originate from your home, such as hair, oil or grease, flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, and other objects flushed down toilets and dropped into drains.

Other causes of problems with sewers in Southern California are not as easily prevented because they originate outside of the home. This can include sewer line clogs caused by scale buildup inside the pipe, tree roots growing into the line, corrosion, disintegration of the pipe, or damage caused by the ground shifting or heavy machinery.

Finding the Location of the Clog

In some cases, a problem with your drains may actually originate in the sewer line. A professional inspection is needed to accurately diagnose drain and sewer problems, but there are a few key signs that your problem may be in the sewer line.

The main sewer line may be clogged if you have:

  • Clogs in multiple drains
  • All drains are running slowly
  • Gurgling noises in the drains
  • When you flush a toilet, water backs up in a shower or tub
  • Sewage odors

Determining the location of a clog in the sewer line can be difficult without the right tools and training. Our experienced plumbing technicians are equipped to pinpoint the exact spot where your sewer line is clogged and what is clogging the line. This allows us to make decisions about the best way to remove the obstruction and restore the function of your sewer line.

State-of-the-Art Technology

If you need sewer cleaning services, you have come to the right place. Our technicians are trained and equipped to deal with any clog in sewers in Indio. We provide continual training and implement the latest technologies to deliver superior results. Regardless of how clogged your sewer line is, we can get it completely clear with hydrojetting technology.

Hydrojetting technology for drain cleaning is:

  • Done using water pressure and no harmful chemicals
  • Safe for your pipes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-invasive
  • Effective for completely cleaning the pipe
  • A lasting solution for sewer line clogs

If you believe that your drain problems may originate in the sewer line, call (760) 493-6727 or contact us online for a thorough inspection and sewer cleaning service. 

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